Stay Calm and Adopt a Dog

Stay Calm and Adopt a Dog

Guest Post by Dog Gone Seattle adopter Julie D. Barnes

I acquired my first ever dog a few months ago, an eight week old Terrier mix.  The timing had never been right before: I either worked too many hours or rented non-pet-friendly apartments.  My six year old son was desperate for a puppy, and now that we finally had a home with a private securely fenced yard, I struggled for a reason to say no.  

Admittedly, I had always wanted an Old English Sheepdog, but did not think it would be fair to keep one in a city dwelling when they need a lot of space.  I also became aware of how many dogs were without homes, and hence decided to look into adopting one from a shelter rather than purchasing one from a breeder.

I contacted Dog Gone Seattle, and lo and behold, soon found myself at home with a beautiful, four pound female puppy. 

Sweet Bennion, formerly known as KitKat

She was precious; with black, short smooth fur, and a tan coat at her calves, paws and eyebrows.  Her tail was constantly wagging, and her joyful leaps and bounds never ceased to put a smile on my face. I was enamored. 

I used to run five miles most mornings, but no longer can, as I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year; therefore having an energetic puppy to walk was perfectly aligned with my new low-key exercise regime and a great start to my day.  

Little did anyone know that Covid-19 was going to impact our lives so suddenly and dramatically: Social isolation is not easy for anyone to deal with.  So, maintaining a routine by waking up at the same time every morning to go dog walking has really helped me stay sane through this global pandemic.  And having a cute puppy by my side is a perfect way to strike up conversation with passersby and make new friends (while practicing social distancing).  

Pets bring so much joy into a home.  There’s nothing quite like opening your front door to be greeted by a cuddly animal who is bouncing around with excitement at seeing you.  

Adopting a dog has not only helped me, but it has also done wonders for my little boy. 

My son Giorgio snuggling with Bennion

He now has a fun, furry friend to play with during the school closures and is learning how to take care of another living being.

Drawing that my 6-year-old son Giorgio drew of Bennion

Stroking my puppy and receiving slobbery licks in return is soothing and makes me slow down when I am feeling overwhelmed.  I never used to stop for a second, from the moment I rose, to the minute my head touched the pillow at night.  Now, having to squeeze in multiple walks a day, gives me no option but to stay calm.

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  1. Terri

    Dear Julie B. I am so happy you shared your beautiful story of how adopting a dog/puppy not only gives them a better life but it gives us a better life. There is nothing better than unconditional love.
    I said a prayer 🙏 for you regarding your breast cancer diagnosis and will continue to do so. You have a beautiful little boy and new puppy who need you.
    Your story is inspiring. I wish you, Giorgio and Bennion Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year with your adorable new puppy.

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