Since You Asked – How do you find dog friendly places?

A Note on Researching Dog-Friendly Seattle

For those who have asked how I find dog-friendly establishments in Seattle that meet specific criteria (i.e. serve breakfast in Belltown), here’s a bit more information. If I don’t know of an establishment that I have personally been to off hand, I typically start on BringFido which aggregates dog-friendly listings from various resources and crowdsourcing. However, as a general rule of thumb, I never rely on the restaurant listings as fact.

Often times, listings are out of date and a restaurant no longer allows dogs. Also, a vast majority of listings are restaurants that allow dogs only on the patio. Still, it can be a good starting point for research.

Another good resource is Yelp. You can search for “dog” and then narrow down by other criteria (neighborhood, food, etc.). If you find a review that mentions dogs allowed, you may be on to something!

Once you have a “lead” you need to do a little leg work to verify the establishment is indeed dog-friendly. If I’m in a hurry, I simply pick up the phone and dial, and ask if they allow well-behaved leashed dogs inside. If you feel like you are speaking with someone who isn’t really sure, you should always ask to speak to a manager.

If you are told that you can bring your dog, let them know you plan on doing so. I also usually ask for the name of the person I spoke with, just in case.

Want Help Finding a Dog-Friendly Establishment or Activity Near You? Just Let Me Know!

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    • Jenny

      Really limiting on the one hand, and sometimes really .. well, wrong. For example, they list every single Chipotle, Great Harvest Bread and Jamba Juice location. Too bad none of these places allow dogs INSIDE. They just have a corporate policy to allow dogs on the patios. AND in rainy Seattle, half the locations don’t even have patios. But I have found a few tips on Bring Fido.. I just always make sure to do my research and never trust it off hand!!! And thank you for the compliment 🙂

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