Gwen at the Belltown Pub in Seattle

Gwen at the Belltown Pub in Seattle

I’ve been frequenting the dog-friendly Belltown Pub more often lately, and Bondi and I just love it! I’ll be adding a lot more pictures and a write-up soon, but in the meantime, please appreciate this montage from Kim in Seattle:
Kim shared:

Gwen and I both loved the Belltown Pub! She got dinner, I got drinks. Happy Hour from 4-6:30!

Yes, you read that right.

She (meaning Gwen, the Corgi dog) got dinner.

Belltown Pub actually has a doggy menu, and it looks pretty good too:

Grain Free Chicken, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin?
Don’t mind if I do! Oh, that’s dog food? Could’ve fooled me…

Anyway, thanks Kim for sharing this picture. We love it!

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