Finding the Right Pet: Tips for First-Time Pet Owners

Finding the Right Pet: Tips for First-Time Pet Owners

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If you’ve never owned a pet before, it can be a life-changing decision for your entire family. That’s why it’s important to do some research and think hard about the type of animal you want, what sort of changes you’ll need to make to your home and lifestyle to help him fit in, and the best ways to keep him safe and happy, especially if he’s a rescue animal.

There are so many preparations to think about that it can be overwhelming, so take your time and don’t enter into any decisions too quickly. Talk to your family and get everyone’s input so that you’re all on the same page; after all, everyone will likely have to do their part in taking care of your new pet.

Here are some of the best tips for choosing the right pet and how to help him feel at home.

Consider a rescue animal

Rather than going to a pricey breeder, consider rescuing an animal from a shelter. These dogs and cats often come from a difficult background and need lots of love and attention, but adoption is a wonderful way to keep the animal shelters from overcrowding, which can lead to euthanasia. Keep in mind that these pets may be extremely timid or have anxiety issues, and they might require training and usually prefer to sleep in a kennel, where they feel safe. If you choose to adopt, be prepared to have patience and give lots of gentle care to your new pet.

Think about your schedule

Bringing home a new pet means you’ll need to make time for him, even if you have a busy schedule. Think about all the logistics involved in having a new animal and how you’ll help him take care of his needs while you’re at work; for instance, a dog will need to go outside every few hours, so you might consider hiring a dog walker who can assist you during the day.

Prepare your home

Becoming a pet parent means you need to prepare for his needs, so make sure you have food and water bowls, bedding, toilet items, toys, a collar and leash, and anything else you think he’ll need, including food and treats. Your pet may not like the food you have, so it might be a good idea to have a couple of different kinds on hand. Once you’ve found one that works, stick with it so as not to confuse him or cause stomach issues.

It’s also a good idea to look at your home from the pet’s point of view; do you have plants that could be poisonous to dogs if eaten? Electrical cords that might look like a fun toy to a cat? Take care of any potential hazards before your pet even comes home so that you can have peace of mind that he’ll be safe and happy.

Find ways to bond

In some ways, having a new pet is akin to having a new child, and it’s important to bond with him, especially if he’s a rescue animal. Building trust and love is imperative in this new relationship, so make time to play with your pet and get to know him. This is especially important, as being able to read his body language and mannerisms will help you keep him–and everyone around him–safe, as well as interpret his needs.

Some of the best ways to bond with your pet include training him–which helps to strengthen communication–and simply taking long walks or engaging in active playtime. Help him learn the rules of your home at the same time; pets need boundaries to be set. You can read more helpful tips on how to get your dog to listen to you here.

Remember that it’s important to talk to your family about the process before getting a new pet. Make sure everyone knows what to expect, such as the fact that puppies and kittens may be cute but are a lot of work. If everyone is prepared, your pet’s first day in your home will go smoothly.

Written by Jessica Brody

Jessica is the creator of Jessica lives in Dallas, Texas with her loving family (which includes 2 dachshunds and a black lab). She is a certified dog lover, and believes dogs are just about the greatest creatures on earth.

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  1. Lucy Tuazon

    I’m glad that you talked about first-time pet parents. I agree that making or saving up some of your time for your future pet is very essential since your pet has a lot of needs and attention of course. Thanks for sharing this helpful article.

  2. Rocky Ron

    I have little bit knowledge about dogs. But I can’t take a decision which breeds perfect for me. I have no big budget or huge time to spent care on dogs. So, I need this types breeds who do not need huge grooming costing, feeding costing, much more care, more sensitive and many more issues. Which is the best large or small breed?

  3. Sharon Wilson-Smith

    Thanks for pointing out that it’s best to make sure that your house has water bowls, beddings, and other items that a dog needs. My husband and I are planning to adopt 2 dogs soon. We’d like to make sure that we have everything that they need so they can have a comfortable stay in our house. Thanks!

  4. Sharon Wilson-Smith

    It caught my attention when you said that it’s important to remove the potential hazards in your house to ensure that you can have peace of mind that your pet is going to be safe and happy. My husband is planning to shop for teacup Persian for me. Since we have products at home that we use to kill pests, we’ll make sure to move them to a different storage cabinet. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. jack stiles

    I loved the tip that you gave to consider your schedule when it comes to a pet’s needs when you are choosing which one to get. My wife and I want to get a pet for our home, and it would be important for us to know that we could find one that will not need us when we are at work. When we choose one, I will be sure to consider our schedules.

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