Should You Bring Your Dog to a Dog-Friendly Establishment?

So you have read about a dog-friendly Seattle restaurant and you want to go with your dog, but you're not sure it's such a good idea. You have only brought your dog to Norm's once or twice, where there's guaranteed to be a dog worse-behaved than yours. How do you know if you should bring your dog to a dog-friendly establishment? I recommend following a few of basic guidelines to make this decision. 284read more >

Since You Asked – Try Nollie’s for Dog Friendly Brunch!

My friend Nick asked if I knew of any dog-friendly establishments that serve breakfast in Belltown. He and his wife wanted to bring their adorable dog Ginger (dressed as a cow) out for a Halloween brunch. Of course, Belltown Pub is very dog-friendly, but unfortunately they do not serve any breakfast foods. So I decided to do a little research... I was able to confirm that Nollie's Café in nearby South Lake Union (hey, close enough!) serves breakfast and is indeed dog-friendly. Score! Plus, their menu looks delicious and they make their own dog biscuits - double score! 221read more >

Al’s Tavern in Wallingford

Around 10pm on a Wednesday night, Joe and I head into Al's Tavern in Wallingford with our dogs Bondi and Homie in tow. (I had called ahead to confirm they were indeed dog-friendly.) Even though Al's is right on NE 45th, it's easy to miss. The only sign is a sidewalk easel board: The regulars undoubtedly like it that way: I had seen on Yelp that some go so far as to give their favorite neighborhood dive bar 1-star reviews so as not to attract new clientele. See, for example, what Brad F had to say: Let me be clear on this. I…read more >

CrossFit Fuse in Redmond

A tired dog is a good dog, but you can't exactly bring your dog to 24-Hour Fitness. Why in the world would someone want to bring a dog to the gym? Well, in my case, I bring my dogs to work with me and when I'm being a good girl (read: exercising) I work out before heading home. In the warm summer months, this can mean having to leave my dogs in the car with the windows all the way down. I inevitably end up stressing about the dogs getting too hot, checking on them multiple times, and not really…read more >