Awesome Dog-Friendly Establishments on Capitol Hill

Awesome Dog-Friendly Establishments on Capitol Hill

~~~ FEB 2014: UPDATED TO ADD Bill’s Off Broadway will be closed for renovations until Fall 2015.~~~

I don’t spend a lot of time on Capitol Hill, so I’m not super familiar with the dog-friendly spots in the neighborhood. I know the Summit Public House allows dogs, as I was there with Bondi way back in January 2010!


It was one of my first experiences bringing Bondi to a dog-friendly establishment, and I really enjoyed it, but I don’t believe I’ve been back since. Too busy exploring other places, I suppose…

Anyway, this spring my softball team is playing in a Cap Hill league, so over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to scout some new DogGone spots. I have to say, I have been really excited to discover quite a few “new” (to me, anyway) dog-friendly establishments.

First, last week I spotted a dog in Linda’s Tavern. I was able to verify that they do allow dogs (preferably smaller ones, though well-behaved big dogs are welcome too). This is pretty cool, since Linda’s is arguably one of the most popular watering holes on Capitol Hill.

So, yesterday before our softball game, I brought Bondi with me to meet a girlfriend for a beer (I highly recommend the Nitro Left Hand Milk Stout). I thought I’d ease my way into the new scene, so instead of bringing both of my 80 lb dogs, I left Homie in the car.

Bondi was a good boy. He stayed under the table, dutifully cleaning up any scraps and morsels left behind by other patrons. He says he likes Linda’s!


We’ll be back…

Then, during our softball game last night I heard another player say she’d seen a dog inside Bill’s Off Broadway, which is actually just half a block east of Linda’s!

OMG, two dog-friendly establishments on the same block?? This sounded too good to be true… but just to test our luck, Joe and I wandered in with Bondi AND Homie after our softball game.

I couldn’t believe it! Not only were the dogs welcomed, but they were adorned with pets and treats and love and affection. We couldn’t have felt more comfortable!

Also, about Bill’s… They have the delicious Boundary Bay Scotch Ale on tap. Love. AND, the pizza is A-freakin-MAZING. We had a large pineapple-artichoke heart-jalapeno pie, and it was possibly the best I’ve ever had. Seriously.


Bondi really wanted to taste the delicious pizza, but he had to use his good manners. He said he thought it *smelled* really good.

Anyway, I will share more on these awesome dog-friendly spots over the next few weeks once I have more time to formalize my opinions. But, I think it’s safe to say we’re well on our way to a few more 5-Paw ratings!

Summit Public House
601 Summit Ave E, Seattle
(206) 324-7611

Linda’s Tavern
707 E Pine St, Seattle
(206) 325-1220

Bill’s Off Broadway
725 E Pine St, Seattle
(206) 323-7200

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  1. Derek

    What a bunch of self-absorbed jackasses! This is the type of idiocy idea that can only originate with millennials. Not even bothering to check what the laws or the health code is, let alone have any respect for OTHER PEOPLE in the bar and/or restaurant. I like all animals, but people like this make me hate Seattle dog owners. Losers! Keep your dogs out of our restaurants!

    • Jenny

      I always ask the management of an establishment before bringing my dog in. It is not my responsibility to know the health code. Presumably the business owners have knowledge of relevant statutes, and determine policies according to their business objectives. There are thousands of restaurants and bars that do not allow dogs and only a handful that do… Whenever I bring my dog out I am very cognizant of other people, respectful of their space, and so on. I have witnessed that from other dog owners as well. Sooo what’s the big deal? Geez…

  2. Susie

    By publishing the names of these establishments, you are putting them at risk of being inspected (and possibly even fined) by the Health Department. The best way to keep your favorite places a little bit dog-friendly is to not advertise that they are so!

    • Jenny

      Thanks for your feedback. I have considered that, and I worry about that too. Ultimately, though, I want this space to be a resource for dog-owners. If dog owners know they can and do bring their dogs out and about, some businesses may see the value in deciding to or continuing to cater to the large segment of Seattle dog owners. There are ‘work arounds’ that businesses can do to insulate themselves… as you may guess, certain establishments like Norm’s and Belltown Pub have undertaken those measures. I would love to see more businesses go that route but everything is a tradeoff, right?

      As an aside, I most always communicate with the establishment I am frequenting to let them know I will be featuring their place of business on my website. On a rare occasion they have expressed concern and so I have not done so.

      • Susie

        Thanks for the reply, Jenny. I understand where you’re coming from, particularly as I love being able to take my dog to certain establishments around town! But I have seen several places have issues after being highlighted as “dog friendly.” I just want to protect the places that I love – I’m glad to hear that you ask permission before posting.

        • Jenny

          That’s too bad, I hate to hear that! I would be so sad if I couldn’t bring my dog to my favorite local spot. I haven’t featured it here yet, mostly because it’s difficult to write about a place you love so much, but also a little bit because I don’t want to share my favorite secret spot 🙂

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