For Adopters: What to Do During a Dog Meet and Greet

For Adopters: What to Do During a Dog Meet and Greet

So you want to adopt a dog? That's wonderful! At Dog Gone Seattle, we are always looking to match the right family with the right dog. Once we have 'approved' an application, the next step in the process is a meet and greet! This is an opportunity for you to meet the dog you are interested in adopting, and also for the case manager or foster to meet you. Consider this a "mutual interview" and please know that a meet and greet is not a guarantee of adoption. We need to feel good about the placement, and of course you…read more >
How to Fail with Your New Foster or Adopted Dog

How to Fail with Your New Foster or Adopted Dog

So many good-hearted people want to save a "rescue" dog either through foster or adoption. And while their intentions may be beautiful, their actions may actually set the dog up to fail. There are several key mistakes that people make when bringing home a rescue dog that must be avoided in order to avoid failure with your new charge. (1) Give your dog so much love! Your new dog may have been neglected, abused, or otherwise mistsreated by humans. You must shower this dog with love and affection!!!! Snuggles, treats, praise at every movement... WRONG. Even a small amount of…read more >

Since You Asked – How do you find dog friendly places?

A Note on Researching Dog-Friendly Seattle For those who have asked how I find dog-friendly establishments in Seattle that meet specific criteria (i.e. serve breakfast in Belltown), here’s a bit more information. If I don't know of an establishment that I have personally been to off hand, I typically start on BringFido which aggregates dog-friendly listings from various resources and crowdsourcing. However, as a general rule of thumb, I never rely on the restaurant listings as fact. Often times, listings are out of date and a restaurant no longer allows dogs. Also, a vast majority of listings are restaurants that allow dogs only…read more >

Should You Bring Your Dog to a Dog-Friendly Establishment?

So you have read about a dog-friendly Seattle restaurant and you want to go with your dog, but you're not sure it's such a good idea. You have only brought your dog to Norm's once or twice, where there's guaranteed to be a dog worse-behaved than yours. How do you know if you should bring your dog to a dog-friendly establishment? I recommend following a few of basic guidelines to make this decision. 284read more >

Dog Gone Seattle’s Story

So what is Dog Gone Seattle all about? As someone who is deeply attached to my two dogs, Bondi and Homie, I hate to leave them at home every time I want to go grab a cup of coffee or a beer, or head to a local event. When I'm out and about, I often see people carrying around their little dogs in their purses wherever they go, but big dogs are much harder to hide, and most places don't allow dogs in plain sight. 1read more >

Good News for Seattle Dog Lovers

Good news for Seattle dog lovers: Seattle is dog crazy! According to Seattle Magazine, "With more dogs than children living within city limits, Seattle has officially gone to the dogs." This may seem preposterous, as most places you frequent on a regular basis like Starbucks or Safeway aren't exactly welcoming to our canine companions. But the truth is we live in one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States. There are now more dogs in Seattle than children, by a lot: about 153,000 dogs to 107,178 kids, according to figures from the U.S. Census and the Seattle Animal…read more >