Our Mission


We save homeless and at risk dogs from overcrowded high kill shelters. We bring them to a loving foster home in the Seattle area.


We respect that each dog that comes into our rescue has different needs. Some dogs are with us for a week, others for a year.


We repeat our mission every day. We are 100% volunteer based and depend on people like you to save lives. 100% of donations go directly to our dogs.


Fosters save lives! We are a foster-based organization which means our dogs transition from the shelter environment to forever homes through the love and care of fosters. Foster homes TLC and basic training, and our organization covers vet care and can loan supplies. While it can be hard to say goodbye to a foster dog, it's incredibly rewarding to set that dog up for success and see the joy the dog will bring to a new family. It's not as hard as you may think! And, if you fall in love with your foster dog, our fosters get the first consideration for adoption.  

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View Our Adoptable Dogs

When you adopt a dog you save a life! There are so many wonderful adoptable dogs that are needlessly euthanized every year in overcrowded shelters due to pet overpopulation - by adopting a dog, instead of purchasing from a backyard breeder or an online pet store, you are saving a life! At Dog Gone Seattle, we pride ourselves on matchmaking potential adopters with a dog suited to a family's environment, activity level, household, and more. We want to ensure that every dog in our rescue goes to a well-matched home and for that reason, we offer a full refund of adoption fees if the dog is not a good match. Our dogs undergo behavioral evaluations in foster homes, which allow us to learn about the dog's personality and compatibility, and ensure a good match for the dog and the adopter. Fosters are vested in a good placement for the dog and they are a great resource for finding your forever companion!

Our Process

  1. Inquire about the availability of a dog in our care.
  2. Complete an adoption application.
  3. Meet-and-greet with dog.
  4. Home visit (if required).
  5. Review vet records, sign adoption contract, pay adoption fee
  6. Take home your new family member!

Frequently Asked Questions

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